Thank you for registering to receive the resources bundle for your February IGNITE Communities Watch Party!

We’re excited for you to use these resources to host a meaningful and fun night of worship and small group discussions. In your resources bundle you’ll find

  • IGNITE Communities Worship Video (available after February 7)
  • Small Group Questions (available after January 25)
  • In-Person Watch Party Guide
  • All New Online Watch Party Guide (available after January 25)
  • Leading Small Groups Guide
  • Customizable graphics to invite students via social media
  • Email template to tell your parents about your IGNITE Communities Watch Party

You’ll also have access to all the resources from the November and December Watch Parties as well!

The February Worship Video will premiere on February 7 at 7pm on the IGNITE YouTube channel. This is a great date to host your Watch Party and give your students the opportunity to be the first ones to see the new video!

If you plan on hosting your Watch Party after February 7, the Worship Video will be available to play on YouTube or to download through your resource bundle folder.

If you have any questions or concerns as you’re planning your Watch Party, don’t hesitate to contact Ryan Clements at

Download Resources Bundle Here!