I am a presiding elder. What should I expect?

Thank you very much for presiding! Now here’s what to expect: you will receive an email from your Regional Administrator with all of a church’s completed paperwork no less than three days prior to a church conference. It is expected that you will read and review these documents. There is no need for you to print any of these reports. The church will print and bring a copy of the reports for you on the day of the conference.

What is the process on the day of a church conference?

When you arrive, please first visit the registration table. The Regional Administrator will check you in and hand you all of the envelopes for the church conferences over which you are presiding. Each envelope will have an agenda and a sign-in sheet. Please place all three of these items back in the envelope, making sure to have passed around the sign-in sheet and to have acquired all of the necessary signatures on the Clergy Compensation Report. If someone is not present to sign, please write that on the front of the envelope. Once the conference is over, please return the envelope with all its contents to the Regional Administrator. Place the signed Clergy Compensation Report in the envelope as well. The church does not retain that copy.

Do I need to print the reports for the conference over which I am presiding?

No, you do not.

Is there an agenda to follow when I preside?

Absolutely! A printed copy will be provided to you the day of the conference. A copy of this agenda can be found here.

What do I do if I run into a problem during the conference?

If this happens, please text or call the District Superintendent to visit the room.

Can a church add additional resolutions to the conference?

Yes, but only with the prior approval of the District Superintendent. If this has happened, it should already be on the agenda you receive under the “motion to receive any resolutions” section.