FAQs Active Health Insurance – HealthFlex BCBSIL PPO Plan

Where can I find benefits, see claims, look for doctors, and order and manage prescriptions for the PPO Plan?

View the current year HealthFlex Summary of Benefits. See claims and find doctors at the Wespath website; at bottom of page, click on HealthFlex/WebMD. Log into your Personal Health Manager page (registration required – user name/password). To find providers, click on “Blue Cross Blue Shield” under Vendor Links; to order and manage prescriptions, click on “OptumRx” under Vendor Links. Once you have registered for the vendor websites, these vendors have single-sign-on access. Your Personal Health Manager log-in logs you into these sites simply by clicking on the vendor link; or you can go directly to the vendor’s website and log in there. To see benefits, click on the Benefits tab at the top of the Personal Health Manager page, then click on HealthFlex Plan Benefits.

What is MDLIVE Telemedicine?

MDLIVE Telemedicine, new in 2017, is available for HealthFlex participants providing 24/7 access to state-licensed, board-certified doctors (including pediatricians) via phone, secure video or an easy-to-use MDLIVE mobile app to treat non-emergency medical conditions. For a true emergency call 911 or go to the closest Emergency Room.

Telemedicine can make sense for a wide range of common conditions such as cold/flu, sore throat, pink eye, rash and more—after normal office hours, when you are traveling, or any time you cannot get in to see your regular provider. MDLIVE doctors can diagnose your symptoms, prescribe non-narcotic medication, and send prescriptions to your pharmacy of choice.* MDLIVE is not intended to replace your primary care doctor—a virtual doctor’s appointment through MDLIVE can sometimes substitute and provide a cost-effective alternative ($20 copay applies) to urgent care ($100 copay) or an emergency room visit ($200 copay), for non-emergency conditions. MDLIVE Telemedicine FAQs * Some state laws require that a doctor can only prescribe medication in certain situations and subject to certain limitations.

I need help with a claim issue that I don’t understand or can’t resolve; an issue with Optum Rx, or any other PPO Plan issue.

Contact the Health Team at Wespath 800-851-2201. At the 1st prompt press 2; at the 2nd prompt press 0, the Health Team’s extension. You can also reach all vendors via the menu at the 2nd prompt.

Is there a way to get 90-day maintenance medications without going through OptumRx’s mail order?

Yes! Beginning in 2017, you can fill and renew 90-day prescriptions at any Walgreens. Scripts already on file with OptumRx mail order cannot be filled at Walgreens. Get a new script from your doctor and have it sent or bring it to Walgreens. You can pick your medication up there.

Does HealthFlex have a vision plan?

Yes – VSP Exam Core (Vision Service Plan). There is no ID card. Find a VSP provider (no out-of-network benefit) and let them know you have VSP when you make an appointment. They will do the rest.

Why should I complete HealthFlex’s online Health Quotient?

Completing the HQ online between August 1 and September 30 of each year will ensure that you and your family will have the lowest possible deductible in the coming year. For 2-Adult and Family plans, both spouses must complete the HQ in order to have the lowest deductible. For those not completing the HQ, an additional $250 in-network/$500 out-of-network for each person required to complete the HQ will be added onto the plan deductible for the following plan year. After completing the HQ, view the report that is generated to see where you can take measures to improve your health! HQ How-To.

My WageWorks (HRA) card isn’t working – who can help me?

Call the Health Team at Wespath – 800-851-2201. At the 1st prompt, press “2”; at the 2nd prompt, press “0”. You can see your WageWorks account by Log into your Personal Health Manager page (registration required – user name/password) at wespath.org; at bottom of page, click on HealthFlex/WebMD.