Our Commitment

GNJ is committed to resource and support congregations to make disciples who know, grow in, live, and share the life of Jesus every day, so that we increase the number of new disciples and vital congregations, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Relief Grants seek to resource congregations for impactful ministry during this unprecedented crisis.

Specific Funding Categories

  • Food security and utility help for people in the community.
  • Supplemental salary to maintain full time appointment status to serve the congregation and the people in the community.
  • Assistance for churches that applied for the PPP and were not successful, particularly in areas that were most impacted by COVID-19.
  • Emergency grants for a congregation’s utility and other bills.

Funding decisions will be based upon how well your congregation can demonstrate an ability to do the following.

  • Further GNJ’s goal to spread the good news of Jesus Christ while flattening COVID-19 and ensuring there are zero infections because of United Methodist activity.
  • Align with the funding priorities identified in the guidelines above.
  • Meet immediate needs that resulted from the COVID-19
  • Use the funds efficiently and collaboratively to meet community needs and accomplish the proposed activities.

GNJ is committed to funding the most congregations and ministry it can and those meeting the greatest need caused by COVID-19.

  • The present total amount available for grants is $500,000. Through fund raising we hope to add to this total.
  • Applications must be submitted online and will be reviewed on a rolling monthly basis.
  • Recipients of awards will be required to submit a Grant Report Form that includes a complete description of how the money was spent by December 31, 2020. If the funds are spent prior to November 30, 2020, the report must be submitted within 30 days of spending the fund.