Several years ago, the cabinet did scenario planning based on the consolidation of churches within The United Methodist Church and in particular within GNJ. One area looked at was the number of districts. Based on the number of churches closing per year, the cabinet believed GNJ would have 460-480 churches in 2023/2024 and should reduce districts in that year. Presently we have 490 congregations. The cabinet also believed that it would be best to reduce three districts at the same time because we are structured in three regions.

Because the annual conference session budgeted for six district superintendents starting July 1, 2021 to assist congregations in absorbing full billing payments over five years and because there was the belief we should reduce districts in 2023/2024, at this fall budget session, you will vote on a recommended budget that has six district superintendents for 2022 and beyond. While this will require sacrifice and reorganizing districts, it is best for the mission and financial health of our congregations and GNJ. Your feedback is critical to this project.

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The majority of those surveyed believe that our most important principle in redistricting should be to maximize disciple making and grow vital congregations for the transformation of the world! Our mission!