What are the suggested new districts?

  1. Meadowlands District – It covers most churches in the New York area, eastern part of Palisades District and most of Gateway North District churches.
  2. Skylands District – It covers churches in western part of Palisades District, some churches from Raritan Valley District and all churches in the Skylands District.
  3. Raritan Shore District – It covers most of churches in the Raritan Valley District and churches in the northern part of the Northern Shore District.
  4. Central District – It covers churches in the southern part of the Northern Shore District and most of churches in the Capital District.
  5. Cape Atlantic District – It covers some churches in the Delaware Bay, Capital, and Northern Shore Districts and all churches in the Cape Atlantic District.
  6. Delaware Bay District – It covers most churches in the Delaware Bay District and some churches in the Gateway South District.

How do I find out which district my church is in?

To find an interactive map and see a list of all the churches in the new districts visit the GNJ website.

How will these changes directly affect my local church or my role in district?

Some churches will have a new District Superintendent. All churches will get a new identification number related to the new district numbers. Starting from Jan. 1, 2022, district superintendents will convene district committees within the region to discuss best ways to ensure advancement of the mission in ways that build on each other’s strengths, are effective, and create efficiencies. Current district board and committee members expressed their intentions through survey whether they will continue to serve or not. No new members will be elected until the regular session of Annual Conference in 2022.

District Committees on Ordained Ministry will function in its current 9 district model until June 30, 2022, so as not to create confusion for clergy candidates. New District Committees on Ordained Ministry within the new 6 district structure will be formed through 2022 regular Annual Conference nomination process.

How were the new district boundaries decided?

Attention was given to the historical and cultural differences and numbers of churches and clergy in each area. Every attempt was made to achieve balance so as to ensure effective and efficient superintending and resourcing within the districts. Consideration was given to culture, history, church size, distances, and traffic patterns as well as the guiding principles articulated by clergy and laity of GNJ. Under this new structure, each district has grown by approximately 25 churches.

How does this impact my church number?

GNJ staff is diligently working on this information and once completed, likely in the beginning of 2022, will be shared with the Conference.