About Arena

Arena is the online church reporting database where GNJ churches are able to easily complete their charge conference reports. Arena stores the reports you completed last year and allows you to annually update the information in the reports without having to complete each one from the beginning.

Access Arena

The Arena database is where you will complete many but not all of the conference reports. Different leadership roles grant access to different reports depending on the report you are responsible for completing. Accessing Arena requires a username and password. If you do not know your login information, please follow the prompts at the link below to reset this. The reset information will be sent to the email address we have on file for you. It is important that you do not share your login with others.

To access Arena, please use this link: http://member.gnjumc.org/.

Who in my church will receive a login for Arena?

The following leaders were sent an email directly from Arena on August 2nd with their personal login information: all appointed pastors, church council chairs, trustees presidents, lay leaders, SPRC chairs, treasurers, lay servants, certified lay ministers, and church administrators/secretaries. Please check your spam or junk folders if you don’t see the email.

  • Church leaders receive a personal login for the Arena website. It will be emailed directly to the church council chair, trustees president, lay leader, treasurer, and church administrator/secretary. These logins will give you access to complete the following reports: Report of the Trustees, Parsonage Evaluation, and Congregational Appraisal. See below for instructions on completing the Directory of Officials report.
  • The SPRC chair will receive a personal login for the Arena website. This will be emailed directly to the SPRC chair. This login will give access to the Church Profile/Advisory for Appointment Making report as well as the Report of the Trustees, Parsonage Evaluation, and Congregational Appraisal.
  • All appointed pastors will use their personal login as they have in previous years. Your pastor login will grant you access to all reports (including both pastoral and church reports) with the exception of the Church Profile, Directory of Officials (see below for instructions), and Lay Servant/Certified Lay Minister reports.
  • Lay Servants and Certified Lay Ministers receive a personal login for the Arena website. These logins will grant access to only the Lay Servant and/or Certified Lay Minister reports. If you also hold another leadership position in the church (i.e. church council chair), then your personal login will also grant you access to the church’s reports.
  • Important Info for Directory of Officials: None of the personal login credentials mentioned above will give you access to the Directory of Officials report. You must instead log in with the church’s login for that one report. This is the only way to access and complete the Directory of Officials. For everything else, please continue to use your personal login. This is the church login format for all churches: