Date: Saturday, January 19, 2019
Location: First UMC in Newton

The Foundational Leadership Training is designed for church officers, committee and team leaders, and people engaged in various ministries of the church to provide foundational understanding and leadership skills. Two workshop sessions provides opportunity for participants to choose different options to learn about their area of ministry and other more general leadership skills. There is no cost for the event, but pre-registration is requested so that we might be prepared with adequate numbers of materials for you.

Schedule for the Day
9:00 a.m. Registration and Fellowship Time
9:30 a.m. Worship Celebration
10:15 a.m. Workshop Session 1
11:30 a.m. Break
11:45 a.m. Workshop Session 2
1:00 p.m. Adjourn for the Day

Administrative Workshops:

  • Local Church Finances
  • The Work of the Staff Parish Relations Committee
  • The Ministry of the Board of Trustees
  • Cyber-Security for Local Churches

Vitality Marker Workshops:

  • The Stigma-Free Church
  • Making Mission Happen
  • Ministry through Small Groups
  • Creating Worship Together
  • Discipleship Pathway

Administrative Workshops:

  • Local Church Finances
  • The Ministry of the Board of Trustees
  • Anatomy of Peace – Transforming Conflict
  • Cyber-Security for Local Churches

Vitality Marker Workshops:

  • Creating Worship Together
  • Making Mission Happen
  • Ministry through Small Groups
  • Discipleship Pathway

Workshop Descriptions:

Local Church Finances | Rev. Dan Gepford
Recommended for Finance chairs and committees, treasurers, members of the church council, and other dealing with finances in the local church. This workshop will provide participants guidance and direction in dealing effectively with the church financial systems. In these ever-changing times, having a handle of what makes for an effective financial system in the church including record keeping, tax issues, budgeting, etc. is extremely important.

The Work of the Staff Parish Relations Committee | Rev. Steve Bechtold, District Superintendent
Recommended for chairs and members of the SPRC, Lay Leaders, Lay Members to Annual Conference. The SPRC has an important role in the life of the church as it deals with personnel matters and is the liaison between the church and the District Superintendent. The workshop will cover the responsibilities of the SPRC, guidelines for dealing with conflict, and outline the committee’s role in the appointment making process.

The Anatomy of Peace/De La Guerra a la Paz | Rev. Steve Bechtold, District Superintendent / Rev. Lourdes Matos-Delgado
Recommended for members of the SPRC, Church Councils, Lay Leaders and others.
This workshop will build on concepts introduced in the book “The Anatomy of Peace”, focusing on ways to create an atmosphere for peaceful resolution in difficult situations. Leaders are encouraged to attend with at least one other person from their congregation so that the material can then be brought back to the local church for implementation.

The Work of the Board of Trustees | Rev. Mike McKay
Recommended for trustees and persons dealing with property, investment and insurance matters. The Board of Trustees has a myriad of responsibilities within the church. Although much of the work of the trustees is behind the scenes, its work is integral in supporting the many ministries of the church. This workshop will focus on a helping trustees to understand their function and help to network the various boards throughout the district.

Ministry through Small Groups | Rev. Deb DeVos
Recommended for pastors, persons engaged in educational ministry, small group leaders of all ages, youth workers, and anyone interested in small group ministry. Organizing and launching a small group ministry is a powerful way to engage people in exploring, growing, and deepening their faith. This workshop will help persons to develop skills for planning, inviting, and launching small groups within congregations of every size.

The Stigma-Free Church | Rev. Donald Kirschner
Recommended for pastors, mission chairs, public theology chairs, small group leaders, worship leaders, and others interested in healing and wholeness within the congregation.
Stigmas abound in our day and age, often placed with misunderstanding on those who are addicted, die by suicide, or suffer from mental health disorders (just to name a few), and there is a real opportunity for faith communities to have a voice at the table and lessen the negative impact of stigma in our communities. Come and hear what two churches in GNJ did and how your church might move God’s mission forward as part of the stigma free movement that is sweeping across the region.

Creating Dynamic Worship Together | Rev. Heather Valosin and YoungKwang Jun
Recommended for Worship chairs, church council members, praise band members and leaders, musicians, and all interested in helping to plan for creative and inspiring worship.
Worship is at the heart of the Christian community, the place where people come together to connect with God, to connect with other worshippers, and to connect the good news of Jesus Christ with the practicalities of life. Join others interested in developing inspiring, inviting, and welcoming worship in exploring ways that worship can come alive for your congregation.

Making Mission Happen | Rev. Luana Cook Scott
Recommended for pastors, mission chairs, UMW leaders, church council members, youth leaders. Mission Engagement is an important part of the Christian’s faith journey. This workshop will help participants to imagine and reimagine how their congregations might be in ministry that brings the good news to others in real and practical ways as it deepens the faith life of a congregation and its members.

Cyber Security for Local Churches | Rev. Sam Choi
Recommended for pastors, financial officers, media and social networking leaders.
Technology brings opportunities, but it also adds complexity and increases our exposure to all kind of cyber threats. Local churches are not immune from these threat and need to learn how to protect themselves from these attacks that may bring potentially costly damages. This workshop will help pastors and congregations know the danger of cyber threats and stop these threats, either known or unknown, by threat‐prevention disciplines.

Discipleship Pathway | Trey Wince, Director of New Disciples
Recommended for pastors, worship teams, small group leaders, mission chairs, and interested leaders. We know discipleship is important (it’s kind of what we’re about), but have we taken the time to define exactly it means? Do the opportunities we offer throughout the year correspond to what we believe about discipleship? Can we explain the way our church practices discipleship in easy and accessible ways that a first-timer could quickly understand? Using our new “Discipleship Pathways” resource, these are the topics this workshop will help to sort out.

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