Call to Prayer
Dear Delaware Bay clergy and lay partners in ministry,
As we continue our journey together, I invite you to a special gathering, our Praise and Prayer service which is an important part of the Delaware Bay Call to Prayer efforts. At this gathering of praise and prayer, we will be reminded again to go back to the basics, the most important reason why we are who we are, breathing, living, and serving; our God and God’s vision for each one of us and for each of our churches.
Do you remember my childhood story of knocking the church door everyday, calling the pastor to open the door, shouting, “Pastor, it’s me, Jisun. Open the door please! I came to pray!”?
Let’s gather together and knock on  the door together, calling God to open the door of Grace and Mercy, shouting together, “God, It’s us, Delaware Bay pastors and laity. Open the door please! We came to pray!” The door will be open because the noise will be louder than a little girl’s little voice. God will hear it for sure because the hearts gathered will be much more eager and desperate.
On Wednesday, September 23, at 6:30 PM, I invite you to gather at First UMC in Glassboro,  61 N Academy St, Glassboro, NJ for a time of restoring and strengthening our relationship with God. Our colleague, Rev. “Dr.” (Yeah!!) Larry Oksten, will be our guest preacher. I am very excited about it. Also Rev. David Strope will share his story. He confessed with us, no, on behalf of us, that he has been a prayer-less pastor at the previous service. I am looking forward to hear about how he responded since then.  The schedule for the evening is as follows:
* 6:30 pm gathering at the fellowship house for a “dessert buffet”
* 7:20 pm move to the sanctuary
* 7:30 pm … begin evening program

There may be other church meetings or programs happening at that time. While it is an invitation, not a mandatory attendance, I would like you to make the necessary adjustments to your schedule ahead of time so that you are able to join in. I am sure that you will be able to find a substitute if start arranging it now.


First UMC in Glassboro

61 North Academy St.
Glassboro, NJ 08028

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