At the 2017 Annual Conference Session, GNJ approved a 10-year intercultural competency plan that will develop laity and clergy so that we continue to strengthen and grow diversity, inclusion and collaboration in our local churches, communities and GNJ. As a part of this commitment, we are offering a Cross-Racial and Cross-Cultural Workshop for those pastors and churches who received a cross-racial and/or cross-cultural appointment on July 1, 2019. GNJ is offering a Cross-Racial and Cross-Cultural Workshop on July 20, 2019 at the Mission and Resource Center.

GNJ has partnered with the General Commission of Race and Religion of The United Methodist Church, for this new resourcing and learning experience. The intent of our gathering is to provide pastors and laity with the awareness of barriers, challenges and blessings of cross-racial and cross-cultural appointments, as well as to build new skill sets and learn how to welcome and embrace a new pastor. Congregations have been specially invited to attend the Cross-Racial and Cross-Cultural Workshop.

The agenda of the day will invite participants to:
• Reflect on one’s own cultural identity
• Discover cultural competency and its biblical framework
• Learn communication styles of pastors and congregations
• Connect with leaders who also serve in cross-racial/cross-cultural appointments
• Discern congregational next steps

Each church should assemble a team of four people, including the pastor, to attend the training. Team members may include the associate pastor, lay leader, representatives from the pastor/staff parish relations committee, finance, trustees, or a young person from the congregation.

Incoming pastor or the Pastor Parish Chairperson should register the team of four. Registration is due by July 8th.

For more information on Cross Racial – Cross Cultural Appointments, review GCORR’s Learning from Strangers click here.
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For more information, contact:

  • Juel F. Nelson

  • Hector A. Burgos

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