The Board must approve all local church decisions to:

  • “share” or lease church property;
  • sell or mortgage church property;
  • renovate church property (when the cost exceeds 25% of the value of the property);
  • build or acquire church property.

The Board must also:

  • certify a Safe Sanctuaries policy for each local church;
  • participate in the annual church-owned parsonage inspection prior to church conference.

Approval Deadlines for Sharing or Leasing Property

In order to gain approval for sharing or leasing agreements, all documentation specified on the Sharing and Leasing Facilities page must be submitted no later than 30 days in advance of the next Board meeting.

Please note that agreements for sharing or leasing renew on July 1. Documentation of major changes to these agreements must be submitted by be submitted by May 1 for approval in June if they are to be approved before their renewal is executed.

Approval Deadlines for Other Decisions

Please consult the Resources page for information about project timelines and requirements. Constructing, purchasing, mortgaging or renovating a church building requires three meetings with the Board. There are other meetings and important steps to be taken between those three meetings. In order to properly consider a decision, the Board must have all required documentation for each decision no later than 30 days before a scheduled meeting.

Please work with your local church’s assigned Board member to coordinate submissions with board meetings. You can determine which board member has been assigned to your local church by referring to Board of Church Location and Building Membership and Assignments.