A faith journey starts many steps before baptism. 

The path to grow in faith should be clear for first time visitors, frequent visitors and mature disciples.   A discipleship pathway provides the clear steps of how to engage new disciples (and more experienced disciples too!) in taking their next steps. 

First-time visitors who never comes back to church, won’t have the opportunity to experience the power transformation of baptism.  They likely won’t baptize their children either.

Resources in this section include ways to make the first-time visitor experience more powerful, next steps that a visitor can take in their faith, and a clear process for pastors and church leaders to help people coming to Sunday morning worship go deeper.

On Ramps to Discipleship

In this “TED Talk,” Director of New Disciples Trey Wince argues that every church ought to have a healthy and clear pathway to discipleship fit with an on-ramp, merging lane, and highway.