Survey links are sent at the beginning of each week in the Essential Actions and Updates email from GNJ Leadership.  The surveys will close each week on Wednesday at noon so that we can process the information.  Please respond promptly so that your information can be included in decision-making.

Survey Results Updated April 30, 2020

305 churches out of 530 churches responded.

Online Worship

Is your worship attendance up or down from a year ago?

  • 56% increase in worship
  • 18% decrease in worship
  • 27% the same in worship


Year to date giving in GNJ churches

  • 39% The same
  • 11% Up
  • 50% Down

58 congregations report receiving CARES Funding for a total of $1,512,026.

Congregations concerned about paying clergy salarys and benefits:

  • 40% have concerns
  • 60% are not concerned

Congregations concerned about paying church bills:

  • 50% have concerns
  • 50% are not concerned

Congregations concerned about paying shared ministry and billables:

  • 65% have concerns
  • 45% are not concerned.


How many ministries were conducted:

  • 373 Bible studies
  • 626 Small groups
  • 1907 people involved in Mission projects
  • 767 online prayer groups

Health Concerns

  • 427 congregants confirmed with the Covid-19 since the pandemic began
  • 61 congregants have died from Covid-19 since the pandemic began