Asian American Language Ministry Plan Announces the COVID-19 Resiliency Fund

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Tools that You Need at the Time

GNJ is committed to providing you the tools that you need for the time such as this. These pages are resources and information that we hope are useful to you and your ministry.

Following governmental directives
All pastors and congregations are to follow the directives of federal, state and local municipalities.

Weekend worship
Congregations are not to be gathering people together for public worship and meetings.

  • We want to take every means possible to protect people’s health and stop the spread of the coronavirus. The sooner we all work together to stamp out the virus, the sooner life gets back to normal.
  • Governmental officials, including the president, have said there are not to be gatherings of 10 or more people.
  • While your town may not be affected yet, we want to be in solidarity with our sister congregations that are in affected areas.
  • We want to be a witness and example of what are appropriate behaviors and practices during a pandemic.
  • For all of those who are sick or who have died, we want to honor them through our actions.

This is a serious health pandemic, and the church should be part of the solution.

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