Mission Resources

Our call to love our neighbor is even stronger today. Below are some ways we can continue to be in mission in our communities during this time of uncertainty and social distancing. Remember, we increase our impact and reach through partnerships. Reach out to other United Methodist Churches in your area to learn what they are doing, what they would like to do, and how you can collaborate. We are in this together. God is with us.

Sew Masks for Healthcare Workers

United Methodist Communities is seeking masks for their healthcare workers. Here is a YouTube video that shows you how to make them! To find out more information, you can go to the United Methodist Communities website here.  For further instructions, contact Susan Sharp at United Methodist Communities Foundation or call 856-298-6350.

Other Face Mask Needs

Some healthcare organizations have put out a call for homemade face masks, while others are not accepting them. Before donating face masks, contact the organization you wish to donate to. Some facilities have specific requirements as to what materials to use and how to make the face mask. In addition to United Methodist Communities, these facilities may be requesting homemade face masks.

Make Cards for United Methodist Communities HomeWorks Clients (Monmouth, Ocean and Middlesex counties)

United Methodist Communities HomeWorks, offers home-based senior care and assisted living for seniors who wish to remain in their residences. HomeWorks is seeking homemade cards to give their seniors who are isolated from others, including family members. The homemade cards can be spiritual, uplifting, and/or encouraging (“We’re all in this together”). This is a great way for children and youth to engage in mission as well! If you would like to participate in this mission opportunity, please mail your cards to:

United Methodist Communities HomeWorks
c/o Jennifer England
54 Olin St.
Ocean Grove, NJ 07756

For more information, please email Jennifer England or call 732-838-1950

Community Resources

Mission Giving 

Advocate for your neighbor

  • Help keep people informed about the latest coronavirus news and resources.
  • Translate information into languages other than English and include it on your website, Facebook page, church doors, and documents. Include in grab and go bags such as those distributed at food pantries.
  • Stop the spread of misinformation
  • Call our senators today and urge passage of H.R. 6201 – Families First Coronavirus Response Act. The phone number and online form found here.

Support People on the Front Lines

  • Pray for them.
  • Check in on them (call, text, email, Facetime, etc.)
  • Show gratitude (send emails, social media posts, etc. Involve children and youth!)
  • Use the hashtag #NJThanksYou when showing gratitude and sharing stories/pictures on social media. Your post could be shared during Gov. Murphy’s briefings.
  • Learn their favorite foods and ask when you can have it delivered to them.
  • Ask how you can support them.
  • New Jersey’s Office of Emergency Management is coordinating donations on behalf of health care facilities. To make a donation, email PPEDonations@njsp.org.

For more information, contact: