While disease spreads, we will be the church of Jesus Christ, sharing and living the Good News so that we:

  • Grow faith in our people and extend the love of Jesus Christ to our communities.
  • Practice safe and healthy ministry engagement so that we stop the spread of the coronavirus.
  • Embody the love of Jesus and turn the church outward toward our communities to provide appropriate ministry and services with people living in the Greater New Jersey area.

Our Resources

  • Worship | robust materials for online worship and the ability for our smaller congregations to access worship online through GNJ.
  • Technology | step-by-step guides for using technology, interactive resources for asking questions and getting help and tools for innovating ministry online so that people can connect when they cannot meet at the church.
  • Connecting people | information for connecting small groups, youth groups, bible studies and other fellowship. As social distancing becomes the norm, people will need to find new ways to connect to each other.
  • Mission | New ways to serve communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Giving | How to continue giving when people are not meeting regularly.