Making New Disciples

Good news is something to be shared, and we come from a tradition what will go to great lengths (and many miles on horseback!) to share it. Today, we continue asking the ongoing question of faithfulness: how is the message of Jesus Christ most effectively shared today?  Read More

Disciples in Worship

Worship is the heart and life of ministry in a congregation. Our worship is an encounter with the living God through the risen Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit. The diversity, excellence and effectiveness of worship have significant impact on every dimension of ministry. Read More

Disciples in Small Groups

One of the most meaningful ways to grow in discipleship is through the fellowship of a small group. Small groups are formed by people who share common interest that they want to explore through a faith perspective: Bible studies, Christian topical studies, community outreach work, bereavement support, parental concerns, men’s fellowship, young adult interests and much more. These groups meet regularly to discuss issues that are meaningful to them, offer mutual support, and explore their relationship to God. Read More

Stewardship | Disciples Giving Generously

Commitment to faith comes in many forms. Stewardship is an outward expression of our faith commitment as Christians. A congregation who embraces an intentional stewardship program will have the resources to live out their ministry in the community and the world. Many people in our congregations are uncomfortable talking about stewardship, tithing and financial issues. Yet, we can only grow in our faith if we use all of our gifts and resources. That’s why we have stewardship resources to help. Read More

Disciples Engaged in Mission

Mission is an opportunity to “put feet on our faith” and live out a relationship with Christ in, to and with the community. In doing so, we become forces of mercy, justice and love throughout the world. Our mission work can transform the communities and the congregations in which we are called to serve. Read More