A clear, coordinated visual identity is critical to aligning our mission, motivating our audiences and formulating and modeling excellence.

Conference Name and Usage

The brand name, meaning the name we use every day in communication through various channels is United Methodists of Greater New Jersey.

Refer to our offices as the Mission and Resource Center (not the conference office). Abbreviate MRC. The official name, meaning the name we use in financial documents and legal forms is Greater New Jersey Annual Conference or GNJAC.

Date and Time

Time of Day | Times of the day are in numeral form followed by a.m. or p.m. For times on the hour, include :00. Use noon and midnight for 12:00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m.

Date format is as followed | Sunday June 9, 2019. Always use the day of the week and do not abbreviate. Do not use today, tomorrow, yesterday etc., in copy. Instead use the actual day of the week.


Spell out numbers one through nine and use numerals for 10 and above. For phone numbers use periods and not dashes 732.359.1016.

Contact Information

Every communication and web page should have a person to contact for more information that includes phone and email.

Email Etiquette

All email signatures should use the standard signature for GNJ or the vital mission partner.

Email should not use backgrounds or additional images. In general, email should be addressed to one person who will be the main person to take action as a result of the email. Use the cc line to make others aware of the request or action. In general, use reply all so that all parties know of the appropriate follow up.
Do not use receipt requested. Do not use the blind copy – forward the email to others when necessary.

Use specific information in the subject line to get action. For example use the subject line: Annual Conference Project Team Meeting Follow Up as opposed to Team Meeting. Use the subject line Details for IGNITE Trip to Wildwood Thursday as opposed to Thursday details.

Abbreviations and Capitalizations

  • United Methodist Church | Use UMC, not UM.
  • United Methodists of Greater New Jersey | Do not use a the or church when using our branded name.
  • Mission and Resource Center | Upper case, Abbreviate: MRC
  • Connectional Table | No abbreviation
  • Greater New Jersey | Use GNJ, not GNJAC or GNJUMC.
  • IGNITE | Use all caps: IGNITE, not Ignite.
  • District Superintendents | In general, use lower case district superintendent. When using the title, use uppercase Superintendent immediately before the name. Abbreviated D.S.
  • Bishop | In general use lowercase bishop. When using as a title, use upper case Bishop immediately before the name.
  • Bible | In general, upper case.
  • Scripture | In general lower case.

Limit all other abbreviations but use abbreviated language for the examples below:

  • Executive Leadership Team or Leadership Team
  • Staff Management Team or Management Team
  • Palisades District or Palisades