GNJ provides excellent, clear, coordinated messages to support our strategic plan and serve our mission to equip spiritual leaders to grow vital congregations. We serve as a centralized design and content center that supports the episcopal office, conference staff, vital mission partners and United Methodists throughout Greater New Jersey.


Transform the world by recruiting and developing transformational leaders who make passionate disciples of Jesus Christ and grow vital congregations. – Matthew 28:19

Our Core Values

  • Christ-Centered | The unbreakable and unifying source of our faith and hope.
  • Compassionate and Just | A shared expression of our Wesleyan heritage.
  • Diverse | A true reflection of the all-welcoming nature of the reign of God.
  • Innovative and Risk-Taking | A bridge to what is next.
  • Excellent | A gospel imperative for greater impact in the world.

How will we make Decisions?

We will invest our financial and human resources in decisions that:

  1. Develop transformational leaders.
  2. Maximize new disciples, vital congregations and world transformation.
  3. Reflect our core values.
  4. Encourage innovative, risk-taking, regenerative ministry that effectively connects with and engages people in the community.

Key Principles that Drive our Communication

For every project, consider the following as you engage in the creative process with the communication team:

Targeting | Understand the audience, what information they need to make decisions and how they digest information is at the core of every communication we create.

Delivery | Determine the medium that will be used to reach an audience based on the message. Some communications work better in print, some are more visual and most need a balance of different mediums.

Clarity | Prepare all content thoroughly but expect the communication team to shape your content to provide clarity for the audience and the delivery channel.

Alignment | Think through how each message and piece aligns with the strategic plan and with other initiatives within the organization. Every communication has both a primary and a secondary message.

Measurement | Consider and implement measurement tools for effectiveness in all communications sent to all audiences.

Planning | Follow the timeline guidelines for all types of projects so that the communications team can deliver excellence for you.