GNJ encourages our staff to expose our work to the larger world throughout the denomination, within other faith communities and in secular outlets. All work needs to tie back to the larger mission of GNJ.

Reprinting and Reposting of GNJ Material

All communication points back to GNJ, most easily done through the GNJ website, for a variety of reasons:

  1. People attracted to our work will be exposed to other efforts and resources within GNJ.
  2. Effectiveness can be measured by tracking devices within our media.

Outcomes when resources point to GNJ:

  1. We learn what content people are using and what content is not useful to better shape all content.
  2. People identify Greater New Jersey as a place of strong ministry and resources so that transformational leaders are attracted and want to grow ministries here.

Reprint Requirements:

  1. Knowledge and approval of the communication team.
  2. Links to the GNJ website. Electronic information should not be reprinted, but posted so that content is read directly from
  3. Bylines that list person’s name, official title, Vital Mission Partner name if appropriate and United Methodists of Greater New Jersey.
  4. When possible a biographical blurb that describes who the person is and why the article has been printed.
  5. When possible, the logo and/or the mission of Greater New Jersey.