Where to Start

  1. Contact the Communication Team Administrative Assistant who serves as the traffic coordinator for all communication needs.
  2. Finalize and get approval for content before presenting to the communication team.
  3. Share your ideas on design, materials and scheduling of project.
  4. Be open to the creative and editorial suggestions from the communication team.
  5. Start early, plan ahead and schedule your communication needs in advance. Even if you don’t have the content, we can schedule the project in our calendar.
  6. Be flexible. Sometimes urgent issues or concerns about over saturation will bump your schedule.
  7. Be creative. Just because we’ve always done something, doesn’t mean we should continue. Think about the best way to reach your audience.
  8. All materials provided to the communication team will be edited to align with GNJ’s strategic plan and this the Creative and Strategic Guidebook.

Communicating With Your Audience

The communication team at GNJ has created a guidelines for marketing and online communication, audio and video communication, print communication and event communication. Click here to dive in.

Agency and Committee use of Communication Team Resources

Staff Resources | All chairs of committees, commissions, boards and agencies, should contact their staff resource person to engage the communication team staff or resources.

The goal is to have all materials branded and professionally designed; however, all requests for assistance must be channeled through appropriate staff resource persons.

Local Congregation and Pastor Use of Communications Team Resources

Staff Resources | The communication team is always available to clergy and lay people from our churches for guidance and support. However, the department is not equipped to service our local congregations with materials, design or production.

United Methodist Communications Style and Reference Guide

This style and reference guide created by United Methodist Communications, explains everything from United Methodist boards and agencies to working in global contexts. Click here to download.

GNJ Branded PowerPoint Template

For more information, contact: