Step 1: Fill out the Project Request Form

Please click here to fill out the Project Request Form. Our Communication Department Administrative Coordinator will be in touch to schedule a Creative Kick-Off Meeting.

Step 2: Creative Kick-Off Meeting

The appropriate content producer(s), as well as the Communication Department Administrative Coordinator will review the Project Request Form. Once reviewed, a Creative Kick-Off Meeting will be scheduled to learn about the project and collaborate on a shared vision.

The Communication Team looks forward to dreaming together to achieve a shared vision, plan and timeline.

Step 3: Ongoing Collaboration

Content producers will be in touch regularly with updates, drafts and progress, copying the Communication Department Administrative Coordinator so that progress can be tracked and necessary support provided.

The Communication Team will provide timely feedback and input on the creative process; working with staff members and departments who need to be in agreement for the final product.

Step 4: Final Product

The content producer will share the final draft with Communications Team members, for final feedback, branding and approval. The content producer will ensure the correct format is delivered to the requesting staff member and/or shared on the appropriate media channels. (Website, Social Media, GNJ Digest, District Newsletters, Youtube, etc.)

For more information, please contact: