Upcoming Events

April 19 at 5:30 p.m. from the Coalition of Natives and Allies

May 2 at 4:00 p.m.: Honoring Outstanding Native Americans

The First People of the land are still here. They live on reservations, in urban areas and in the countryside. You will find them in business, in the U.S. government, in cultural endeavors and all professions.

We honor them and celebrate the rich heritage of a wealth of understanding about the natural world and how we live together in a community that honors each person and their gifts. They continue to give today in many ways.

Details and registration link for this important event on Zoom can be found here.

May 1-2: 7th Annual Powwow on the Manatawny Creek

Past Events

Wed. Feb. 10 at 1:00 p.m.: Unmasking the Evil of Colonialism

Unmasking the Evil of Colonialism
Wednesday, February 10, 2021
10 a.m. Pacific, 1 p.m. Eastern, 6 p.m. UTC, 8 p.m. Palestine

Bayshore Discovery Center's Wild About Cumberland program

On March 25, 2018, two CONAM members, Cynthia and Allie Mosley, CONAMAllie Mosley and another St. John UMC member Teri Hislop spent the day with 5th graders from all over Cumberland  County when they attended the Bayshore Discovery Center’s Wild About Cumberland program. Over 150 children learned about their home environment which included learning about the indigenous Lenni Lenape people. Storytelling and Native flute music prepared the children to meet the Tribal Princess Allie Mosley.  A great day was had by all. Click here to view photos. 

St. John UMC | VBS Reunion

St. John United Methodist Church holds a Vacation Bible School Reunion for the many children who attend VBS in the summer which includes children who visit from other churches in the area as well as the many unchurched children. The reunion continues to follow the St. John’s Native American curriculum. The theme this time was music in the Bible. The children learned that their are 77 mentions of musical instruments in scripture, most frequently mentioning the flute, the harp, the drum, and the trumpet. One of the members in the congregation plays the concert flute, the Native American flute, and the harp and the children were the beneficiaries of her musical gifts. The children also read the Native American story, “The Flute Player”, and created beautiful sand painting art. Twenty five children and fifteen adults including three parents attended. The spirit was sweet in the church that day and look forward to repeating the experience in the spring.

Historic Native American Methodist Church Designated

The St. John UMC (Fordville) in Cumberland County, marked the church’s official designation as an Historic Native American Methodist Church on Oct. 29. It is the only church to receive such designation in the State of NJ and is the 5th oldest Native American Methodist Church in the Nation. Click here to learn more.

Museum of the American Revolution

On October 18, 2017, 35 Nanticoke Lenni Lenape Tribal leaders and St. John United Methodist Church member visited the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia. The trip was sponsored by the Committee on Native American Ministries (CONAM). The museum reminded us more than 250,00 Native Americans were living east of the Mississippi River during the Revolutionary Era. They formed more than eighty nations and spoke dozens of languages. The decades of political turmoil and warfare which divided Great Britain and its colonies and lead to the creation of the United  States profoundly affected Native people.  Eight major exhibits explore the Native American story throughout the museum. CONAM provides support and education to both Natives and non-Natives to assist in understanding the challenges of cultural retention as church and society change.

Native American Comprehensive Plan Quadrennial CONAM Training

Native American leaders from each of the jurisdictions met in Vineland, NJ on September 29 – October 1, 2017 for the Native American Comprehensive Plan (NACP) quadrennial CONAM (Committee on Native American Ministries) training.

This training was co-sponsored by the Greater New Jersey CONAM. Sixty five participants from Alaska to Florida joined local Lenni Lenape Tribal leaders and members of St. John United Methodist Church to learn strategies for continued development and implementation of Native American ministries in each conference. Leaders including Hector Burgos, GNJUMC Connectional Table, Rev. Roy E. Bundy, St. John UMC, and Mark Gould, Lenni Lenape Tribal Chair welcomed the group. During the conference, attendees visited St. John UMC for a traditional Native American meal followed by a Native American hymn sing. Many new ideas and resources were shared under the leadership of Anita Phillips, NACP Director, Cynthia Kent, Chair GNJCONAM, and Chebon Kernell from the General Conference Office. Everyone looks forward to the outcomes of this expansive CONAM training.

Freedom Bus Tour

A community investigation by bus to explore the story of fugitives, abolition and 18th and 19th century mixed-race settlements in and East of Bridgeton, NJ. This event took place on Sunday, May 7, 2017. Click here to read highlights and view event photos.

38th Annual Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Pow-Wow

The day included native American dancing, drumming and singing as well as food and arts & crafts. Click here for more information. This event took place on June 11-12, 2017. During the 2017 Naticoke Lenni Lenape pow wow, CONAM youth member Allie Mosley was elected Princess. Allie will represent the Tribe at the highest of ceremonies. Click here to view picture.