Does our church have to submit a Nominations Report as well as the complete the Directory of Officials report in Arena?

The Directory of Officials and the Nominations Report have been combined into one report. When you look at the new format of the Directory of Officials report you will see that it now prints like a Nominations Report. Therefore we no longer require a separate Nominations Report.

Where does a church complete the Congregational Appraisal? Who should complete it?

The appraisal is completed in Arena. This report should be completed by the Church Council Chair.

Should every pastor complete the Report of the Pastor?

This report is only completed by the Senior Pastor of each church.

Why should we complete the advisory section in its entirety on both the Pastor Profile and Church Profile?

These profiles are completed or updated annually by each pastor and SPRC and serve as the primary documents of consultation between the pastor, church, and the Cabinet for appointment purposes.

The Advisory Section of these profiles inform the Cabinet of the pastor and church’s thoughts around the continuation or change of the current appointment. It is vital that the Advisory Section be completed in its entirety each year.

Why is it important to provide us with a 100-word description of your church on the Church Profile?

The 100-word description is used for online publications such as posting appointments and other communications where there is a need for a synopsis of the church’s ministries and the community it serves.

This description should be written in full sentences and should include the church’s setting and location, current ministries both inside and outside of the church, number of services and style of each worship, ethnic makeup of the congregation, and something the church is known for in the community.

Does my church still have to complete the Parsonage Evaluation even if we do not have a parsonage?

Yes, but barely! Please log into the Parsonage Evaluation and click “no” at the top of the form to show you do not have a parsonage. Then, scroll to the bottom and hit Save/Submit. That’s all!

What should we do if our church has multiple parsonages?

This report must be completed annually for ALL parsonages following a walk-through by a member of the Trustees, an SPRC member, and the pastoral family. Please email Krystina Michalopoulos to receive access to additional Parsonage Evaluation forms.

What if our pastor does not live in our parsonage? Do we still need to complete a Parsonage Evaluation?

A parsonage that is rented, used by someone other than the pastor, or used for another purpose altogether (e.g. thrift shop, food pantry, office space, etc.) should still have an annual walk-through and this evaluation report completed.

Do you have a printable parsonage walk-through worksheet available that can be used while inspecting the parsonage?

Yes, this worksheet can be found here.

Where does a church complete the Congregational Appraisal? Who should complete it?

The appraisal has been added into Arena this year to make completing this easier for the churches. This places the report in a more convenient location than last year. This report should be completed by the Church Council Chair.

What exactly should be included in the Treasurer’s Report? What length of time should it cover?

The Treasurer’s Report should include all church expenses and revenue (surplus and deficit) and is the same report that is generated for your church leadership. This report should cover the previous completed year as well as the current calendar fiscal year up to and including the month prior to submitting this report. For example, if your church conference forms are due in October 2018, the Treasurer’s Report should fully cover year 2017 as well as January to September of the current year 2018.

I am a Lay Servant. What forms do I need to complete?

If you are a lay servant/speaker, you will need to complete the Certified Lay Servant/Lay Speaker Report which can be accessed through Arena. All Certified Lay Ministers are required to complete the Certified Lay Minister Report which can also be accessed through Arena.

If you are unsure of your login information, please email your Regional Administrator here.

What is a Pastor’s Discretionary Account? Is there a max amount a pastor can have?

A Pastor’s Discretionary Account is a designated fund made available to the Senior Pastor to distribute funds for emergency financial aid at his/her discretion. The congregation should establish a policy statement as a guideline on how this account is to be funded and disbursed. This account is authorized by the congegation’s Church Council.

The recommended maximum per disbursement for this account is $175, and the recommended account amount to be established is $4,000. However, these amounts are at the discretion of the local church. To see a sample policy statement, please click here.

What is a perpetual care fund?

This is a fund meant to pay for the upkeep of a church cemetery in perpetuity. This fund typically offsets annual maintenance costs which helps to ensure the long-term care of a cemetery. It is recommended that each church with a cemetery establish a perpetual care fund that maintains a minimum balance of $50,000.

What if my church does not have a Safe Sanctuary Policy?

Safe Sanctuary policies are mandated by the Greater New Jersey Annual Conference. Please click here for more information on how to become a compliant church.

How do I access Mission Insite?

To access Mission Insite, please click here.

Church Numbers

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