Who should attend the Church Conference Paperwork Training, and do we really need to?

Each church should send at least one person to this training in addition to their pastor. The trainings are best suited to the individual(s) who will be responsible for monitoring and supporting the completion of all church conference forms for your church. Please contact your Regional Administrator for more information.

What will we learn at this training?

This training will explain the overall process of completing the church conference forms and will clarify what is expected of each church and pastor during this season. You will hear suggestions about how to gather all of this information, how and when to submit all of the forms, and you will be guided through an overview of each individual report. Most importantly, this training is your main opportunity to ask any questions you may have. New pastors are highly encouraged to attend.

Is there anything I should review before this training to be better prepared?

Yes! It would be helpful to do the following:

  • Review the Church Conference Paperwork Checklist (explains which forms are due and who completes them)
  • Log into Arena, make sure your username and password works, and review the layout of the forms
  • Read the Clergy Compensation Report Instructions
  • Complete a preliminary Clergy Compensation Report for your pastor and see if you have any questions.

When is my district/regional paperwork training?

Please contact your Regional Administrator to learn about training opportunities.

If I cannot make the training in my district or region, can I attend a different district’s training?

Of course!