Oct. 6, 13, 20 | 7 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Being a clergy, staff or member of the staff parish relations committee in a multi-staff church has many joys and challenges.  It is a blessing to work, collaborate and innovate with a motivated team of individuals who are committed to the mission of the United Methodist Church and to the local church. It is a joy to be part of an organization with a healthy culture – a culture of commitment, respect and accountability.  And it can be a challenge, too, as the larger the team the more complex communications become.  It can be a challenge to hire, develop and coach members of the team, as well as articulate and manage to shared expectations.

In this three session course, we will address the basics for creating a healthy work culture. We’ll start with tangible building blocks like creating job descriptions, processes for hiring and managing performance and documenting employee policies, all with an eye on equity.  Then we will progress to the less tangible elements of how to align your church’s culture with the mission of the UMC and the local church, how to fully engage all members of the team and how to ensure a culture that is so strong and healthy you can feel it.

You will leave with actionable steps to take to build a healthy church culture.

This course is recommended for clergy who are currently leading or planning to lead a multi-staff church, for the chair and members of Staff Parish Relations Committees and any other church staff members who coach others.

Facilitator: Iona Harding, SPHR, GPHR
Chair of GNJ’s Human Resources Committee
Member of Princeton UMC