Clergy love Convocation! Take a look at what previous year's participants had to say about Clergy Convocation.

One word to everyone involved in this year’s Bishop’s convocation… Bravo!

This was a fantastic convocation. It was a true gift to me as a clergy person. The hotel was wonderful. The staff were kind and helpful, the food was great, and the accommodations gave me the ability to relax, seek rest, and focus in an environment that didn’t detract from the overall message of the convocation.

The theme of this convocation confirmed many of the things I have already been wrestling with in my own spirit and ministry, as we work toward vitality. I think soul tending of both our organizations and ourselves was the absolute best theme we could have discussed at this juncture.

Not only did it affirm where God has been leading in my own ministry, and the trajectory my church is on, but it also made me proud to be a part of GNJ.

Thank you for such an inspiring three days. And thank you all for being a gift to us.

I really LOVED the small group interaction.

Thank you! I rested and refreshed!