When can I enroll in Dental Insurance?
A: Open enrollment for all dental and health plans is during the 15-day annual Open Enrollment Period in late October/early November, or during a 30-day Special Enrollment Period following a loss of other coverage, employment status change, divorce, or death of a spouse

I lost my Dental ID card – how do I get a new one?
A: The easiest way is to log onto your Member Page (registration required – user name/password) at guardiananytime.com; select Forms & Materials, then Dental, Vision ID Cards and request another card. You can also print out a temporary ID card that is good for 10 days.

How do I change my Primary Care Dentist?
A: Call Guardian at the number on the back of your ID card – 888-618-2016 to speak with Managed DentalGuard Member Services.

How do I get a dental benefits booklet for my plan?
Log onto your Member Page (registration required – user name/password) at guardiananytime.com. Select Forms & Materials at the top, then Certificate Booklets.

I’m having a problem getting a claim settled, who should I contact?
Call DirectPath, our dental participant advocacy partner. 800-640-1898.