Next Steps

Baptism isn’t the end, it’s actually the beginning. In baptism the individual and community covenant to live out the Gospel message of Jesus Christ together through gathering, service and community. In these next steps you’ll find resources that help all go out and live their baptismal vows.

Faith and Leadership

A learning resource for Christian leaders and their institutions from Leadership Education at Duke Divinity. Topic: ‘The end’: How do the practices and tenets of Christian faith help us see God’s purpose in our daily lives?

In this curriculum set of four visual poems with accompanying lesson plans and resources, we will reflect on four aspects of Christian theology – baptism, communion, our identity in Christ and the incarnation – as means of exploring God’s transformative work in our lives. Click here to download curriclum.

Going Deeper in Mission

After experiencing Baptism we are called to Therefore GO! In mission we love our baptism in ministry with and to the community. If you’re looking for partners to go deeper in mission and baptism consider volunteering with these United Methodist Affiliate organizations:

  1. A Future with Hope
  2. Amistad
  4. Respond Inc.
  6. Christian Outreach Project
  7. The Neighborhood Center
  8. Camp YDP

What's Next Other Resources

Imagining Christ’s Baptism
A Visio Divina exercise, where you reflect on an image of Jesus’ baptism and discover how God is calling you.

Ordinary Reminders
What are some ways we can remember our baptism regularly as individuals?  Joe lovino describes how an ordinary shower or watching the rain can reconnect us to the promises of baptism.

Flowing Waters (UMC Video)
The Waters of Baptism connect us everywhere there is water.

Prepare the Way
Use the time of Lent to invite people who have not been baptized to consider gathering to consider/prepare for baptism on Palm Sunday or Easter.