Discipleship Pathways

A discipleship pathway provides clear next steps for visitors to our churches to get involved. We understand that people from our communities may be engaged in missions or small groups before worship; the purpose of a pathway is simply to be clear in how to move people deeper into a life of faith. Before using this pathway it is recommended for you to view the video Pathways to Discipleship, included in this resource kit.

Sample Discipleship Pathways

Welcoming and communicating in a way that easily connects new people to your church. Helping people find their next level of involvement. Clearing a path and moving forward on purpose. 
Website Pizza/Coffee with the pastor Volunteering in Church
Worship Services Small Groups Mission Projects
Great Hospitality & Guest Services   Giving
Inviting people into the life of the church.   Direction, growing deeper in faith.

Learn More About Visitors, Hospitality and a Discipleship Pathway

Rites of Passage in Adolescence
Rites of passage speak deeply to young people today. This research and the questions for reflection are key for the church to translate its message for next generations, especially regarding rites of passage such as baptism.

From Hospitality to Inclusion
In this article, David Brubaker provides insight for congregations “who have first-time visitors but they don’t stay,” focusing on not just welcoming but also accepting guests in worship.

What is Your Discipleship Pathway
John Davidson presents some key principles behind not “making disciples by accident.”

4 Clues for Inviting Others to Church
This highly practical article by Doug Powe helps congregations understand how to invite people to worship in a way that they’ll actually come.

7 Ways to Help Unchurched Guests Feel Welcomed without Selling Out
Rich Birch provides insight on how to make guests feel welcome without falling prey to the marketing craze.

Christian Hospitality is Key to Becoming an Inviting Church
Henry Brinton shares his churches journey from being a “Welcoming Church” to becoming an “Inviting Church.”

Engaging Millennials in Ministry
This Siebert Foundation report highlights effective ministry models with millennials, especially including rites of passage such as baptism.

Sample Connection Card

  • Church Connection Card

    Church Connection Card

    Connection cards provide your church with a tool to connect with both members and visitors. Download and print this Church Connection Card and get to know your congregants better.