Superstorm Sandy

Superstorm Sandy was the most destructive storm New Jersey has ever experienced. It left 2.7 million New Jerseyans without power, 253,000 households sustained damage and tens of thousands of homes were uninhabitable. Sandy disrupted or discontinued thousands of jobs and impacted tens of thousands of people’s lives. A storm this size calls for many partners working together to bring relief and recovery to New Jerseyans. The United Methodists, through its nearly 600 congregations in Greater New Jersey and its 30,000 churches across the United States collaborated with other relief agency partners to rebuild a future with hope.  Jeremiah 29:11

Relief Efforts

During the relief phase we

  • Provided more than 50,000 meals
  • Provided day and night shelter for more than 5,000 people
  • Distributed more than 11,000 cleaning buckets, more than 3,000 health kits, tons of clothing and other material supplies such as non-perishable food, heaters, blankets, etc.
  • Assessed community needs and “mucked” out nearly 2,000 homes

Recovery Efforts

Working with community residents, non-profit organizations, churches and local, state and federal agencies, we repaired or rebuilt homes for the elderly, disabled and low income whose insurance and other agency support does not cover all of the damages.

During the course of our five year recovery program, A Future With Hope became one of the leading long term recovery builders in the state.

  • Rebuilt or repaired 271 homes
  • Provided case management for 461 families
  • Hosted 12,173 volunteers from 46 states and two countries for a labor value of $8,095,413
  • Received funding from:
    • UMCOR $3,988,224
    • Hurricane Sandy NJ Relief Fund (State of NJ) $823,000
    • Robin Hood Foundation $910,000
    • American Red Cross $1,750,000
    • Major League Baseball $40,000
    • United Methodists in GNJ $3,545,367
    •  Other UMC sources $687,552
    • Volunteers, partners and other funding $5,582,156
  • Set up 15 host sites in United Methodist Churches from around the conference to house volunteers
  • Partnered with:
    • Affordable Housing Alliance
    • Atlantic City LTRG
    • Bergen Volunteer Center VOAD
    • Christian Public Service
    • The Diocese of New Jersey
    • Episcopal Relief and Development
    • International Relief Teams
    • Lutheran Social Ministries
    • Middlesex County LTRG
    • Monmouth County LTRG
    • Ocean County LTRG
    • The Salvation Army
    • Race 2 Rebuild
    • SBP
    • World Renew
    • and more