Grants Coming for Soup Kitchens and Food Pantries

The New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund’s new $2.8 million initiative to fund small- and medium-sized food pantries and soup kitchens is underway. Churches who are supplied by food banks have been contacted and are moving forward. Click here to read story.

Also, Fulfill, the food bank that services Monmouth and Ocean Counties, still has emergency food boxes that are available to anyone who would like to pick them up. The box is 30 pounds and has enough food for a family of four for three days. Each palate has 30 boxes, but a church/person can request as few as one box. There is no minimum.  The boxes can be picked up (no delivery) at one of the Fulfill locations in Neptune (Monmouth) and Toms River (Ocean).

If a church is interested or a person in one of our churches is hungry or knows of someone who is hungry and needs food, they should reach out to the Engagement team at Fulfill (732-643-5889) to request emergency. boxes.