We have been receiving important questions about GNJ relief and recovery ministry. Below are responses to frequently asked questions. Please feel free to send your questions and we will add to them.

Have we started repairing homes yet?
Yes! We started repairing homes on March 25, 2013.  Visit www.afuturewithhope.org to learn about the number of homes completed and currently being worked on.

There were three primary reasons we waited until the end of March to get started.  1) homes needed to be mold free before we could begin repairs, 2) homeowners had to have their FEMA and insurance money awarded, and 3) homeowners needed to resolve whether or not their home needed to be elevated.  These are very serious concerns and moving forward without addressing these issues would have made matters worse for people.

Why aren’t we working with UMCOR?
We are working with UMCOR. The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) is one of the best relief agencies in the world. In actuality you and the Greater New Jersey Conference are UMCOR and you are one of the best relief agencies in the world. UMCOR employs only a few people year round to handle disasters around the world. You can imagine the money that would be wasted if UMCOR hired the staff needed to respond to a disaster and have them waiting for the next disaster. UMCOR has a few staff and when a disaster occurs, they work with annual conferences so that the annual conference develops a plan for its relief and recovery ministry. In collaboration with UMCOR, we developed our case statement which provides the blue print for our long term recovery ministry. It can be found here.

Who is A Future with Hope, Inc?
A Future with Hope is a nonprofit organization started within the Greater New Jersey Conference to lead our relief and recovery efforts. There has been a history of starting nonprofits for unique ministries in GNJ (United Methodist Homes, CUMAC, Neighborhood House, Respond, Inc.), so A Future with Hope was organized. A Future with Hope is based on Jeremiah 29:11 and will assist our relief and recovery ministries.

A Future with Hope allows us to raise funds from foundations and other sources for this important ministry. We have received support from the American Red Cross and the Robin Hood Foundation to assist with our $23 million vision for the our long term recovery ministry. Through this ministry we will repair 300-500 homes, provide case management to 500 families, provide counseling to more than 100 families and recruit, house and deploy up to 15,000 volunteers.

How can I volunteer or make a donation to this important ministry?
Volunteer and donation opportunities can be found on www.afuturewithhope.org. On this site you will find many different opportunities as a group or individual to assist in the long term recovery ministry.

There is someone in my community who needs help because of Superstorm Sandy. How can I get the help?
We use a case management system to identify needs and resources to assist people with their long term recovery needs. Call our Call Center at 732-359-1012 or email HopeCenter@afuturewithhope.org.