Arcola Covenant Community, Full-Time

2019 Average Worship Attendance: 72
2019 Budget: $347,000

Arcola Covenant Community (ACC) was formed in 2008 by English-speaking members of Arcola Korean UMC.  Since then, ACC has strived to participate in the movement of the Holy Spirit in sharing and showing the gospel of Jesus. A covenant, like a marriage, is built upon trust, unity, safety, security, closeness, radical acceptance, and significance. Unlike a contract, a covenant is unconditional and cannot be rendered void. A covenant is not so much a declaration of love in the present, but more a promise of love in the future. This is the very heart of Christ to the Church, and ACC’S commitment to the world. ACC’s mission is to build a Christian community where the covenant of God is revealed in our active engagement with the world.

Contemporary worship is held weekly on Sundays, with Bible Study and Praise & Prayer on Wednesdays. The close-knit community consists of approximately 90 individuals ranging in age from 20 to 60 years, and is multi-ethnic but primarily Asian-American and English-speaking. ACC is active in local and global missions and outreach, small group ministry, prayer ministry, as well as sports, hospitality and fellowship ministries.