How to Vote and Participate at Annual Conference

*Important Note:

Questions on legislation will be asked in advance at the information sessions and the FAQ page. Please review this information in advance. Questions on legislation will only be taken during Annual Conference as time allows.

Participants Guide
All information above can be found in and downloaded in the Participants Guide here.

Voting process during legislation session

  1. Bishop invites participants to click “Raise hand” to cast a vote
  2. Participants vote by clicking “Raise Hand”
  3. Bishop announces the result of the vote
  4. All votes are cleared for the next voting

How to use “Raise Hand” feature on your device

 For members using a computer (Windows or Apple operating system):

  • Hover your cursor to the bottom of the Zoom Webinar screen and find Raise Hand
  • Click on the Raise Hand only one time and the hand will turn blue.
  • Once you select the raised hand, there is nothing more you will need to do. Selecting or deselecting the hand feature again will eliminate your vote and it will not be counted.

For members using a smartphone or tablet:

  • Tap the screen and find Raise Hand on the bottom of your screen.
  • Touch Raise hand and you’re the hand icon will turn blue.
  • Once you have raised your hand, there is nothing more you will need to do.

For Members using a push-button phone and the Zoom Dial in:

  • Once Bishop announces the vote, press *9 to Raise Hand

For Members In Person at Limited Regional Gatherings:

  • Raise your hand for or against a motion and a proctor on-site will record your vote and relay it to the conference secretary.

*Important: Please click “Raise Hand” only ONCE as clicking the icon twice will lower your hand and your vote will not be counted. You do not need to “Lower Hand” after the vote as Hands will be lowered all at once by the administrators.

More information about Raise Hand features: Can be found on Zoom website or

Speaking during legislation session: For Members on Zoom Video

*Note: You will be muted during the session

The Zoom chat function will be open during the legislation session and may only be used for indicating you would like to speak during the session. Members who make remarks will be removed from Zoom and will be unable to rejoin the session. This is because the chat feature is being used to facilitate the annual conference session.

You may only use the chat to request permission to make a speech for, a speech against, an amendment or other parliamentary procedure. To request to speak, type the number listed below.

  • Type 1 for a speech for legislation
  • Type 2 for a speech against legislation
  • Type 3 to make an amendment and specify your amendment
  • Type 4 to raise a different parliamentary procedure
  • Type 5 for any other request and specify your request

For example:

  • 3 I would like to make an amendment on (specify the amendment)
  • 4 I would like to make a point of order
  • 4 I would like to refer the matter
  • 5 I would like to call the question
  • 5 I would like to (add any other request)

Type ONLY the number for 1 and 2. For 3, 4, and 5, type the number FIRST and then specify.

How to Request to Speak on Zoom:

  1. Type the number from above in the chat
  2. You will be promoted to a panelist once your turn arrives. A pop-up screen will appear allowing the host to un-mute you. Click Allow and remain on the cue.
  3. Once it’s your turn to speak, turn on your camera. You will be ummuted by the administrators.
  4. As your speech is completed, your will be changed to Attendee.

Speaking during legislation session: For Members on Zoom Dial In

*Note: You will be muted during the session

  • Press *9 to request to speak
  • When you are called to speak, you will be able to unmute yourself by pressing *6 and start speaking
  • You will be muted once your speech is completed

For Members In Person at Limited Regional Gatherings

Raise your hand and a proctor on site will direct you to a computer to speak to the session.

Tech Support

For Tech support during the Annual Conference Session, text HELP at 201-870-1648

For questions and assitance, please contact