About Arena

Arena is the online church reporting database where GNJ churches are able to easily complete their charge conference reports. Arena stores the reports you completed last year and allows you to annually update the information in the reports without having to complete each one from the beginning.

Access Arena

Your leadership role determines the type of login you will use.

If you are receiving a new login, please expect to receive this email the week of July 1. Please check your spam and junk folders if you do not see it.

  • The church will continue to use the same login as last year. It will be emailed directly to the senior pastor, church council chair, trustees president, lay leader, and the church email address. This will give the church access to complete the following reports: Directory of Officials, Report of the Trustees, Parsonage Evaluation, and Congregational Appraisal.
  • The SPRC chair will continue to use the same login as last year. This login will be emailed directly to the SPRC chair. This will be different from the church login and will be used solely to complete the Church Profile report.
  • Pastors, Lay Servants, and Certified Lay Ministers are to continue using the same login as last year.

For more information, please contact your Regional Administrator:

  • Krystina Michalopoulos

  • Megan McKay

  • Le’Ora Stokes