4 Ways to accommodate all voting members:

  1. Via Zoom video conference
  2. Via Zoom dial in conference
  3. Limited in person access for those requiring accommodation for American Sign Language
  4. Limited in person regional gatherings for those who do not have the technology to video or call in to the conference. To video into the conference one needs a computer, or smart phone, or tablet (iPad, etc.) with WIFI or data plan. To call into the conference one needs a touch tone land line. Either of these methods will ensure you can speak and vote on a matter.

Download Complete Guide to Participate in 2020 Annual Conference

What to know before you register:

  1. Only voting members will be allowed to participate in the sessions via Zoom video, dial in or limited in person gatherings. Credentials will be confirmed for each voting member upon submitting their registration. REGISTRATION FOR ANNUAL CONFERENCE CLOSES ON SEPTEMBER 30. If you are not registered by September 30 you will not be able to vote or speak at the annual conference session but only view the annual conference session on YouTube.
  2. Guests and visitors are invited to participate by watching the sessions live on YouTube. Guests and visitors should not pre-register. Guests and visitors will be able to view the annual conference session on GNJ’s YouTube by  going to www.gnjumc.org/2020annualconference and selecting the link for visitors to the 2020 GNJ annual conference session.
  3. If your household has two or more voting members, you will need to register separately and use different devices (phones, computers or tablets) to participate and vote.
  4. Each voting member can participate by using one device only. You cannot log in on your phone and your computer, for example. It is essential that people in the same household use different accounts to register and that they log on with two devices. Each Zoom link for video and phone is unique and cannot be shared with others.
  5. If you are registering by push-button dial-in phone (not a smartphone), you must call in using the same number you include in the registration so that your credentials can be matched and verified.
  6. Limited in-person gatherings are available for those who need accommodation for technology or American Sign Language. Because of social distance requirements, only pre-registered voting members will be allowed to join at these sites. Guests and visitors will not be admitted.
  7. For those registering for Zoom video (those using a computer, tablet such as iPad or smartphone such as an iPhone or Android phone): An email confirming your credentials and Zoom registration will be sent within 2 business days after you register. Be sure to check your junk mail, if you do not receive the confirmation within two days.
  8. For those registering for Zoom dial in (those using a push button phone): You will receive your credentials and dial in information the week of September 28. You will only be able to join the Zoom meeting by phone if you dial in using the same phone number that you included with your registration.

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