Hero Makers: Raising Leaders

Facilitators: Chris Heckert & Lan Wilson
Everyone wants to grow by addition, but most of our systems keep producing the same outcomes. In order to shift those outcomes, we need to shift our focus from addition to multiplication…which means raising up the right leaders. This workshop will help us start looking beyond the surface and seeing what people are capable of, identifying, recruiting and then how to pour into these individuals.

Faith Mapping: Sharing Your Faith Story

Facilitators: Emily Wilton & Gina Yeske
A great story will move people’s minds and hearts. Participants will learn to map out their faith journey, identify and then capture their hope-filled stories of faith and ministry. You have a story to tell; the gospel lives in each and every one of us. Come learn how to simply share your story with others.

Missions in Puerto Rico

Facilitators: Eunice Vega-Perez, Sam Perez, Norm Cetuk
For over two years, GNJ has been supporting mission efforts to help the victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico in collaboration with the United Methodist Church Volunteers in Mission and the Methodist Church of Puerto Rico. Our congregations have helped through Miracles Everywhere and by sending mission teams to rebuild homes affected by the hurricane. In the last two months, Puerto Rico has suffered the devastation of earthquakes that have affected Puerto Ricans not only physically but emotionally and spiritually.

During this workshop, we will share about the current conditions in Puerto Rico after two natural disasters, hear testimonies about our mission efforts to date and learn about opportunities on how to be the hands and feet of Jesus in the future.

A Dinner Church Experience

Facilitators: Brendan Galvin, Kay Dubuisson, Daeil Min
Dinner churches are continuing to serve as welcome spaces for people who don’t normally find themselves in a worship setting. Join Brendan Galvin, Kay Dubuisson and Daeil Min to take part in a dinner church experience that is simple, meaningful and easy to do in your own church context (seriously!). We’ll even offer a “starter pack” list to help you try dinner church in your own community. Dessert and coffee will be provided during this class!

Leading Change

Facilitators: Trey Wince and Juel Nelson
People really don’t hate change. They fear the potential loss that comes with change. Learn how to identify your congregation’s underlying concerns and build a process that actually makes healthy change predictable.

Sharing the Gospel with Youth

Facilitators: Next Generation Ministries Team
Research shows that younger generations feel alone and anxious. They see a bleak world around them. The message of Jesus is still the hope of the world, but churches are struggling to translate it for young people. How do we share good news with an anxious and lonely generation? We’ll discover together through studies, stories, scripture and more.