January 23-25, 2017, at the Ocean Place Resort in Long Branch, NJ.

Featuring plenary and small group sessions led by author, coach and consultant Susan Beaumont and a special event presented by The Music Paradigm. Come for renewal, learning, and fellowship.

What is The Music Paradigm?

A Unique Learning Experience for Any Type of Organization
The Music Paradigm is an engaging and unforgettable learning experience for any type of organization. You will be a participant, not just an audience member, and seated within a live professional orchestra where you can observe highly trained musicians as they perform. Your attention is drawn to fascinating and unexpected organizational dynamics within the orchestra.  You will soon realize that The Music Paradigm is much more than a riveting demonstration.

Unscripted and Authentic
All of the sessions are unscripted. Yet, the remarks made by participants and musicians are often so disarmingly on-point that even the most cynical are swayed by the authenticity and relevance of what just occurred. The two-hour program will invigorate you with confidence and a renewed sense of purpose.

Tending the Soul of the Institution: Featuring Susan Beaumont

Session Objectives
We are living in a liminal season, an era which finds us betwixt and between a known past and an undefined future.

In a liminal season a different kind of leadership presence is required; a presence that connects the soul of leaders with the soul of the institution.

The soul of the institution is the divine spark within the organization that inspires ministry and invites transformation. The soul of the institution is the authentic and truest self of the institution, the source of divine calling, and the protector of institutional integrity.

Participants will:

  • Enter a three-way conversation engaging God, the soul of the leader, and the soul of the organization.
  • Explore three fundamental shifts in orientation that invite more soulful leadership. (From knowing to unknowing, from advocating to attending, from striving to surrender.)
  • Learn techniques for cultivating collective wisdom within the leadership body.
  • Understand the vocation of the organization as a divinely inspired charism.
  • Examine institutional memory and narrative and its relationship to leadership and soulfulness.
  • Invite innovation and foster creativity that springs from the soul of the institution.
  • Deepen your capacity for discernment in organizational settings.



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