The following reports and information can be downloaded by clicking the links below:

The following reports are to be completed online via Arena.

 Click here to access Arena.

  • Pastor Profile | Completed by Pastor
  • Report of the Pastor | Completed by Senior Pastor
  • Deacon Annual Report (if applicable)| Completed by Deacon
  • Church Profile | Completed by SPRC Chairperson
  • Officials Elected at Church Conference | Completed by Nominations Committee Chair/Pastor
  • Report of the TrusteesCompleted by Trustee Chair/Member
  • Parsonage Evaluation | Completed by Trustee Chair/Member
  • Certified Lay Servant/Certified Lay Speaker Report | Completed by Certified Lay Servant/Speaker
  • Certified Lay Minister Report | Completed by Certified Lay Minister

The following reports are created by the local church and must be submitted to your Regional Administrative Assistant at the same time as all previously named reports.

  • 2018 Nomination Report
  • 2018 Budget Draft
  • 2017 Year-to-Date Treasurer’s Report
  • 2016 Church Conference Minutes

Download Checklist

Click here to download checklist of the 2017 Church Conference Reports.