The 2017 Church Conference days are designed to achieve the following goals:

  • Inspire, energize, and motivate local congregations to move forward in ministry in new ways;
  • Effectively resource congregations by holding conferences in regional groups to foster collaboration among churches in the district, provide high quality resourcing for all churches, and to efficiently complete essential corporate/church business requirements.
  • Foster innovation and an outward-focus among all congregations in the district to push us beyond our own congregations and into the new mission field to make disciples for Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.
  • Increase congregational vitality – particularly around missional witness.
  • Review the previous year’s goals and affirm each congregation’s goals for the coming year.

Church Conference Paperwork

It is the pastor’s responsibility to ensure all church conference paperwork is completed properly and submitted on time.

Pastors and churches are encouraged to begin your work early (such as nominations, parsonage evaluations, etc.) in order to have paperwork finished and submitted on time.

Each clergy will receive their own username and password to access the reports they are responsible for completing in Arena. The church office will receive a username and password for use by church leaders with reporting responsibilities.  Lay Servants and Certified Lay Servants will receive a username and password for completing their annual reports.

The following reports are to be completed online via Arena. Click here to access Arena.

  • Pastor Profile | Completed by Pastor
  • Report of the Pastor | Completed by Senior Pastor
  • Deacon Annual Report (if applicable)| Completed by Deacon
  • Church Profile | Completed by SPRC Chairperson
  • Officials Elected at Church Conference | Completed by Nominations Committee Chair/Pastor
  • Report of the Trustees | Completed by Trustee Chair/Member
  • Parsonage Evaluation | Completed by Trustee Chair/Member
  • Certified Lay Servant/Certified Lay Speaker Report | Completed by Certified Lay Servant/Speaker
  • Certified Lay Minister Report | Completed by Certified Lay Minister

The following reports and information will soon be available for download on the conference website.

The following reports are created by the local church and must be submitted to your Regional Administrative Assistant at the same time as all previously named reports.

  • 2018 Nomination Report
  • 2018 Budget Draft
  • 2017 Year-to-Date Treasurer’s Report
  • 2016 Church Conference Minutes

Questions? Please contact your Regional Adminstrative Assistant.

Krystina Michalopoulos |
Northern Region Administrative Assistant

  • Palisades District
  • Gateway North District
  • Skylands District

Debbie Sidorakis |
Central Region Administrative Assistant

  • Raritan Valley District
  • Northern Shore District
  • Capital District

Jennifer Creran |
Southern Region Administrative Assistant

  • Cape Atlantic District
  • Delaware Bay District
  • Gateway South District